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   516 N Main Street, Victoria, TX, 77901

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2024: Event Details Announced Soon

Last Years Link Event
Held On August 18th, 2023

6:00 pm
Doors Open

1st English Lutheran

Get Here as soon as the doors open to not miss a minute of the action we have planned for The Link Event 2023

6:30 Pm
Prize Giveaways

What Will You Win?

From Big to Small We Got Them All… and you can win them.  Prizes for Days!!!

6:45 PM
Main Speaker

With Bryan Drake

“Part comic, part preacher, part illusionist, all amazing!

7:45 PM
Scholarship Preview

With Pastor Chip

For the Second year ever, the Carrie Heldt Scholarship will be awarded to two Graduating Seniors in the Class of 2024.  Learn more about applying at the event.  

7:50 PM
Prize Giveaways

What Will You Win?

This is when the big prizes make their way to the stage.  If you have ever won in the past, this year is even better!

8:00 PM
End of Event

Time to Go Home


Thanks For Attending The Link Event 2023

In honor of Carrie a scholarship Fund ~ The Link’s Carrie Heldt Scholarship Fund ~ is established as a lasting remembrance of all that she believed was possible for the youth of today to achieve.  Two graduating seniors will be given a scholarship to help further their education following the criteria established on the application.

Meet Carrie Heldt

THE LINK………once a dream turned into a reality because of Carrie!

Carrie lived every day of her life in a way that embodied the things that where most important to her: her God, her Family, and the ‘Team’.  Her faith carried her ~ her family was her heart ~ the ‘team’ was where she found her support and offered her support as well whether in sports, a church group, or any organization.  She believed in hard work and always approached everything in life with a beautiful smile and selfless energy.  Carrie passed away suddenly on October 17, 2021.

The Link 2023 is dedicated to this wonderful Christian woman who would humbly decline any celebration for herself.  She believed in her ‘team’ that gathered to make it happen under her leadership.  She deeply believed in the purpose of The Link…..to provide a Christian based venue for all youth to know God’s presence and trust in His support each day of their lives.

What We Did In 2022

Melvin Adams
Melvin Adams

Christian Speaker & Harlem Globetrotter

Jim Munroe
Jim Munroe

Christian Illusionist & Magician

Saw Lives Transformed
Gave Away $3000 in prizes

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