The Carrie Heldt Scholarship.

THE LINK………once a dream turned into a reality because of Carrie!  Yearly Scholarship for 2 Graduating High School Seniors!

Carrie lived every day of her life in a way that embodied the things that were most important to her: her God, her family, and the ‘Team’.  Her faith carried her ~ her family was her heart ~ the ‘team’ was where she found her support and offered her support as well whether in sports, a church group, or any organization.  She believed in hard work and always approached everything in life with a beautiful smile and selfless energy.  Carrie passed away suddenly on October 17, 2021.

The Link 2022 is dedicated to this wonderful Christian woman who would humbly decline any celebration for herself.  She believed in her ‘team’ that gathered to make it happen under her leadership.  She deeply believed in the purpose of The Link…..to provide a Christian-based venue for all youth to know God’s presence and trust in His support each day of their lives.

In honor of Carrie a scholarship Fund ~ The Link’s Carrie Heldt Scholarship Fund ~ is established as a lasting remembrance of all that she believed was possible for the youth of today to achieve.  One graduating young lady and one graduating young man will be given a scholarship to help further their education following the criteria established on the application.

The Important Details about the Scholarships

PLEASE NOTE:  The application deadline is mid-April and award announcement mid-May. The checks will be written directly to the Financial department of the institution/school that the awardees plan to attend once acceptance to that entities is established.

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If you have questions about the Scholarship fill out the form below. We will get back with you as soon as we can.  We will not be awarding the yearly scholarship until the spring each year.